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From production to consumption, with out using chemical inputs in production, are all controlled and certified forms of agricultural production.

Purpose of organic farming;

To protect the environment, plant, human and animal health with out polluting the soil and water with air.


  • To support 70 Turkish Liras per decare
  • Interest rate cuts on Ziraat Bank loans


Good Farming Applications

It is an agricultural production model with the aim of carrying out an agricultural production which does not harm the environment, human and animal health, protection of natural resources, traceability in agriculture and sustainability and food safety.


  • Making an agricultural production that does not harm the environment, human and animal health
  • Protection of natural resources
  • Traceability and sustainability in agriculture
  • Providing food safety


  • 50 TL support payment in open area to  per dekard
  • 150 TL support to per dekard in undercover production
  • 100 TL support to per dekard in Medical Aromatic plants
  • Interest rate cuts on Ziraat Bank loans
  • Possibility to sell products to Chain Markets


Is a private sector organization that sets voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products covering the whole world.

The GLOBALGAP standard is primarily designed to help consumers worry about how to produce nutrients on the farm by reducing the use of chemical inputs and minimizing the harmful effects of the environment on farms by adopting a responsible approach to human health and safety as well as animal health.


GLOBALGAP is a pre-farm entry standard; That is, the certification covers the processes from the farm inputs such as the certified product feed and seedling to the separation of the product from the farm from all agricultural activities. GLOBALGAP is a "run-to-run" label and therefore not directly visible to the consumer.