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Greenhouse projects have recently  begun to gain importance. In addition to providing consultancy services for plants / products to be produced at greenhouse , we also provide  turnkey greenhouse projects. We cooperate with leading greenhouse construction companies in Turkey and abroad.

We offer the following services regarding greenhouse projects:

- Analyze and evaluate location of greenhouse project

- Analyze and evaluate plants to be used in greenhouse project project

- Analyze and evaluate type of greenhouse to be constructed

- Feasibility studies for greenhouses

- Determination  of the technologies to be used at greenhouse

- Determination of all materials/equipments and automation systems to be used at greenhouse

- Managing  procurement processes for greenhouse projects

- Search & selection of  suppliers/contractors who have the potential to realize greenhouse projects.

- Supervision and reporting of whether or not the supplier/contractor fully complies with terms and conditions stipulated in the contract

- Performing phase-based  or final acceptance procedures in greenhouse projects

- Preparation of greenhouse projects

- Managing greenhouse projects from conception to completion

- Preparation of plant nutrition and crop protection programs for greenhouseses

- Application  of plant nutrition and plant protection programs

- Establishing  operational  organization and recruiting  qualified staff for greenhouses.


In particular, selection of  quallified supplier /contractor companies and supervision of such companies during the project are exteremely important. Our company performs very well in this regard since we really care for benefits of our customer.