Karya Tarım to Söke`li Producer Technology Support

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Karya Tarım Danışmanlık Firması in Soke manufacturer gave information about technological innovations and satellite observation systems.

Karya Danışmanlık Firması Söke Chamber of Agriculture Conference room was informed about the technological innovations in agriculture and satellite observation systems. Karya Consulting Company Owner Hacer Boden made the presentation of the company. Indicating that there will be significant reductions in costs with new technology, Boden said the application has been implemented in Brazil and Spain for many years. Boden said, "I will tell you that the system generally appeals to large areas, so Söke can easily take care of this system.I am doing Agricultural Engineering for about 27 years and I have been running Karya Agricultural Consultancy Company since 2007."

Following the introduction of the company owner Hacer Boden, Project Advisor Okan Altunakar made a presentation on the technological system. Talking about the technical aspects of the application, Altunakar said that they experimented on the practice in many places and that it yielded at a high rate. Altunakar, "There are a number of cameras that provide the quality of the reflection of the sunlight from the satellite, and there is enough mapping in the field with the basic mapping technique of the plants in the field at the same time. It becomes. " She said.